Giving Back

There is barely a week go past where we don’t receive a phone call regarding a sponsorship or donation. While we can’t say yes to everyone we have over the years tried to support as many clubs, organisations and charities as we can. We especially enjoy giving to those who have the passion for inclusivity, community and caring as we do. We know how lucky we are and believe we have a duty to help others when we can.

camp juniors FC

Camp Juniors FC – Camp is a small village with an outstanding sense of community. Sponsoring the jerseys for this team allowed us to make a contribution to a community that has supported us. We wanted to show our appreciation for that support.

garveys Tralee Warriors

Garvey’s Tralee Warriors – We have been a sponsor and supporter of Garvey’s Tralee Warriors since their Inception. We love the game of basketball. But what was most appealing about the Garvey’s Tralee Warriors is that it is a whole town amalgamation of players from existing Tralee clubs that are stronger together! Anything is possible when we work together!!

kerins o'rahillys GAA

Kerins O’Rahillys Roy’s boyhood team. We have sponsored the juvenile academy at Kerins O’Rahillys for a number of years. We feel it is important to encourage as many kids as possible to get involved in sport, for the community spirit as much as the fitness.

kerry ladies gaa

Kerry Ladies GAA We are very proud sponsors of the Kerry Ladies GAA team. With two young daughters ourselves we are very familiar with the inequality in sport when it comes to girls and women, especially as they get older. We believe whole heartedly in the 20×20 campaign – if she can see it, she can be it. So, we put our money where our mouth is!!

tralee imperials Basketball

Tralee Imperials Basketball Club We have sponsored the Imperials Juvenile basketball academy. Basketball is great way for kids to stay fit in the winter time. It is a sport where everybody has a role to play!

u18 mens basketball

Under 18 Irish Men’s Basketball Team – We felt it was important to support a team with 3 players from local teams (including one employee) – a great achievement for Tralee basketball. Basketball is historically a sport that has poor sponsorship so we were happy to help out.


irish kidney association

Irish Kidney Association (Kerry Branch) We hold a charity event every year with the proceeds going to the Kerry Branch of the Irish Kidney Association. It is a charity close to our hearts. Roy’s mother had used their services when she needed them, and they were invaluable to her.

Schools and community groups

We give numerous donations and spot prizes to as many schools and community groups as we can. We feel it is import to play, even a small part, in helping those who can to keep providing services to our children and community.