Sand Feet Farm Café


We are always looking for unique ways of arousing interest in animals and the world we inhabit. It seemed perfect then for us to work with Sing London, producers of Talking Statues, to use imagination and modern technology, to give voice to 4 of our most popular farm animals. Now visitors to the farm can hear 4 of our farm animals speak! In English agus focal nó dhó as gaeilge
Lucy the alpaca, Goujon the chicken, Roisin the Dexter and Kathleen the Highland Cow have plenty to say. To hear them speak, just bring your smartphone and see what happens...

Bio of Actress

Niamh Branigan is an Irish Actor living between Dublin and London. She did her BA Honours Degree in

Film, Literature & Drama in DBS and then moved over to London to study her MA in Acting in ArtsEd. Since then she has performing in the Edinburgh Fringe, The Vaults Festival London and The New Theatre Dublin with the rave reviewed play 'Save + Quit'. She appeared in Ireland's longest running soap Fair City as the character Blume and also treading the boards of The Gate stage again this summer as the role Yvonne in Roddy Doyle's The Snappe

Write your own monlogue Give an animal a voice:

You’ve heard from some of the animals at Sandy Feet Farm. But others would like to speak up too. If they could talk what would they say?

What was your favorite animal?  What does he/she have to say for him/herself?

What is their name? What do they look like….what was the thing that stands out in your mind about them? Is there a reason for that? how do you imagine they arrived at sandy feet?  How do you image they spend their day? Who are their family and friends, There are many famous poems about animals. In each poem, the writer has taken time to really watch and observe the animal they are writing about.    But every

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