Sandy Feet Farm opened in 2018. We hoped to provide a place where children could enjoy spending time in the out doors, experience the animals in their environment, learn…and have fun. Our school tours have been very popular with both main stream and special education schools…with most schools returning every year since we opened. The feedback is always positive, more importantly children and teachers always leave smiling!! But don't just take our word for it....This is what some had to say about our school tours St.Teresa's National School, Kilflynn "What a fantastic school tour we had today in Sandy Feet Farm. We got to see all the animals and even feed a pet lamb. We got a tractor ride all around the farm and saw some fairy doors. We played in the playground and raced around on the go-karts. A massive thanks to Roy and Eleanor for showing us their wonderful farm" St. Josephs National School, Castlemaine said "Today we visited Sandy Feet Farm with the boys and girls from the Cairdeas ASD Units. It was a fantastic experience from start to finish. The animals were friendly, the setting was beautiful, the food was delicious and Roy and Eleanor looked after us so well. We look forward to returning..." Our Junior Infants had a super School Tour at Sandy Feet farm last week. Thank you to Eleanor and Roy for the fantastic hospitality, we loved our visit as you can see here! Happy Days!
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Eleanor & Roy

The school visit experience

Our school tours begin at 10.00, when you are greeted by either Eleanor or Roy…or both of us! Children will be given a tour of the sheds where baby animals and chicks are waiting eagerly your arrival!! You will told about the animals and have the opportunity to hold or feed them. Which animals are in the sheds depends on due dates and recent arrivals. Next visit the out-door kitchens in the newly added natural play sensory garden. Experimenting with herbs, flowers and cooking leaf kebabs has been a big hit with both teachers and children....And of course, no tour is complete without a ride on our now famous tractor & trailer ride!!!
Lunch is usually followed by free play in our playground and go-kart track.

Before your visit

Our experience has been that we are educating by stealth. The farm provides many fabulous opportunities to educate through engagement and enchantment…feeding curiosity, creativity and collaboration. With that in mind, we’ve made a conscious decision to develop even more opportunities to learn on the farm through animal interaction and play in our very popular natural play and sensory garden. We have used modern technology to give some of our animals a voice!! …They even give away some secrets! Try it here before you visit with your class, discuss with the children and see if what she says is true while you are here *designed to work only on mobile devises

During your visit

Sandy Feet visitors can take their time to observe, and explore. There is plenty of time to stroll between animal pens, around the farm, and garden. Observe how animals interact with each other and with humans! We encourage them to find out about each animals habits and traits. What better way to do that than to hear directly from the animals themselves! Visitors can swipe their smartphones by a nearby plaque and get a call back from 4 Sandfeet animals: Lucy Alpacca, Goujon Hen, Kathleen Our Highland Cow, and Roisin Dexter. Explore the natural environment in the natural play and sensory area…get dirty cooking in the mud kitchen, look for bugs in Buginham Palace, listen out for the birds!

Getting pupils ready for your farm visit

We provide teachers with a pre visit pack. This includes :
  • 4 famous poems about animals
  • Things to look out for on the farm
  • How to sharpen your eyes and notice more on your visit (part of the poetry worksheet)

  • Consolidating information after your visit using the Sandy Feet Farm DownLoads We provide you with engaging downloads based around all they’ve learned at Sandy Feet. After your visit, you can help children to consolidate what they’ve learned by choosing which downloads are suitable for your class. In accordance with our attempts to be more environmentally friendly we have decided to make our worksheets available for download rather than printing them as whole book that may not be used.

    Write your own monlogue Give an animal a voice: You’ve heard from some of the animals at Sandy Feet Farm. But others would like to speak up too. If they could talk what would they say? What was your favorite animal? What does he/she have to say for him/herself? What is their name? What do they look like….what was the thing that stands out in your mind about them? Is there a reason for that? how do you imagine they arrived at sandy feet? How do you image they spend their day? Who are their family and friends, There are many famous poems about animals. In each poem, the writer has taken time to really watch and observe the animal they are writing about. But every writer is different and every writer notices different things. What do you notice when you look at each animal? We’d love to hear some of your stories! They might even appear on our website.