It has been an ambition of ours to bring children to our farm and give them the opportunity to safely interact with animals and learn about the environment and history of farming life in Ireland. This will be reflected in the childs experience at Sandy Feet Farm…and we hope the teachers might learn something too!! Please call us to discuss our group rates. One adult with every ten children would be free, we offer complimentary tea and scones to all free adults in the group and your bus driver is also looked after in the same way. We can supply children with lunches from our delicious, healthy menu at a reduced rate. They are also welcome to bring a packed lunch. EACH CHILD ALSO RECIEVES A SANDY FEET FARM WOOKBOOK including fun and interesting puzzles and projects to start on the farm and finish at home and/or classroom. We would love to host your school, if you have any queries regarding any aspect of farm, please call us on 0861585337 or drop us an email at